All About Me

Hello and welcome to Katie-Lou makes stuff!

I’m Katie-Lou and I just love making stuff!  Here I will post some pictures of already completed projects and keep you up to date with any current WIPs (work in progress) I’m attempting.

I spend the majority of my awake hours either crocheting, thinking about crocheting, reading about crocheting or talking about crocheting. I am hoping to expand my horizons and start sewing with my machine. When I do, you’ll be the first to know.

I started the crafty life as a cross-stitcher at the age of about 19, but truthfully, it’s fallen by the wayside since crocheting came to rule my life.

I love beautiful colours and textures and creating lovely things. Join me on my adventures.

Oh, and if you wanted to know, I’m 30 something, I live in beautiful South Wales and love all things interesting, pretty, different and quirky.  Oh, and Harry Potter.

Hope you enjoy!

Visit my Etsy shop! Katie Lou Makes Stuff

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