Baby Stuff

In my opinion there’s nothing nicer than giving a newborn baby a beautiful handmade item as a gift.  I’ve mentioned before that I’m not particularly fond of gender stereotyping when it comes to colours and don’t like the ‘blue for boys, pink for girls’ mentality that most people have.  That being said, I do appreciate that these are the ‘go to’ colours for newborns, along with pastel yellow, green and lilac.

One of the first blogs I ever looked at when I started crocheting was Attic 24 and instantly fell in love with her cosy stripe pattern.  I’d wanted to try it for a while, so thought I would do it in ‘traditional boy colours’.  The pattern was so easy, just two rows of tr (dc US terms) and two rows of granny stripe in alternating colours. I used James C Brett ‘Baby Essentials’ in white, blue, green and yellow and a 5mm hook, which in retrospect was a touch too big.  When I do it again I will definitely use a 4.5mm.

Cosy Stripe

I didn’t follow any sort of size guide, I just kept going until I thought it was big enough!  Turns out, its aout 38inches x 39inches.

Cosy Stripe almost done

The sides are a little wonky, but I ended up doing a dc (sc US) border in white around the whole thing (forgot the photo again!) and it neatened it up.

I was a bit dubious about putting it in the wash, I always worry it will ruin the shape or texture of the yarn.  I needn’t have worried!  I put it on a 30 degree daily wash and dried it flat;  now it smells lovely and is a lot softer!

Since I made this little blanket, I found a really useful sizing guide on Pinterest (can’t give credit to the original site as it doesn’t seem to exist anymore).  Looks like I wasn’t far off the ‘official’ receiving blanket size!

Baby blanket sizing chart

You may remember I made an elephant lovey a little while ago and fancied having a pop at something similar.  I’ve had a bit of a unicorn theme going at the moment, so decided to have a go at one.  This time I went for a continuous granny square in pink and white, which I think looks so lovely!   I made the head up as I went along, but looking at it now, I think it might be a bit on the big side.  Reminds me a bit of a Moomin!

Unicorn lovey

The pictures really don’t do it justice, the mane and border were done with a sparkly pink yarn I got in a multipack pack from The Works a few months ago and it looks absolutely perfect on this little lovey.

Unicorn Star Blanket


I showed a friend of a friend the photo above and she instantly wanted one!   Luckily I had artistic licence to choose the blanket style and colour! I have a really lovely pink in my stash so decided to go for a nice pink and white star blanket.  I was going to use some lovely eyelash yarn that I have in my stash, but quickly realised that it was not safe for a baby due to the shedding. I used a red sparkly yarn instead, which I think looks amazing!


I always use this pattern from the Crochet Crowd for my star blankets now.  I find its a lot easier to follow than any of the other patterns I’ve tried.  I absolutely love how quickly star blankets work up, so are perfect for these little loveys!

I LOVE babies, but don’t have any of my own, and don’t really know a lot of people with babies, so I don’t have the opportunity to make a lot of baby things, unless I’m specifically asked to.  So when a colleague approached me with a custom order for twins I was excited and nervous in equal measure.  She wanted two blankets and two loveys.  I can tell you one thing….. I learned a life lesson.  Never be worried about charging a fair price for your work.  I never really paid attention to how much yarn my blankets used, so was unsure how much to charge.  I initially asked for £45 because I panicked and didn’t want her to think I was overcharging.  She asked if £35 would be okay, and despite every brain cell shouting ‘NO!’ I actually said yes.  What. An.  Idiot.  It ended up costing me almost £30 in yarn alone.  I’ve definitely learned a harsh lesson.  Do not undervalue yourself.



I thought I would use the opportunity to make a ‘Call the Midwife’ blanket that’s been all the rage recently.  I used James C Brett Marble DK yarn (colour BM2) which is a beautiful variegated yarn perfect for gender neutral items.  I got the pattern via Ravelry from a blog by  Jonna Martinez.  The pattern is so easy to follow and after a few blocks, I didn’t need to read the instructions any more.  I think the yarn looks absolutely beautiful in this pattern !  In addition, I decided to do a continuous granny lovey with a bunny rabbit cuddly.  I used the same yarn and absolutely love the final product!

Granny and CTM

Cosy Stripe


For the other twin, I also used James C Brett Marble DK yarn, but in shade BM16.  Also gender neutral, though some could argue its more ‘boyish’.  I went for trusty old cosy stripe for this one and despite my best efforts, i lost some stitches along the way and have ended up with a bit of a wonk.







For the lovey, I went for my ‘go to’ pattern, which is a star!  I absolutely love how easy they are and how effective they look.  I also opted for an elephant cuddly.

Cosy and Lovey

I packed them up in a lovely organza bag and gave them to my colleague.  She was absolutely over the moon!

Baby Sandals


I was recently browsing Pinterest for inspiration and saw the most adorable baby sandals.  I wanted to try them straight away, so got the pattern from  Whistle and Ivy via Ravelry.  I had some aran weight cotton in my stash and thought I’d have a go with that.  They were really quite easy to make and didn’t take too long.  Think I need to make a few more pairs before I get them perfect and I’d like to experiment with different kinds of yarn to see what works best.

I haven’t ventured into making baby clothes yet, although I would like to try a cute little cardigan or jumper. Guess I’ll be adding those to my ever growing list of things to do!






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