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I’ve opened a shop!

Well I’ve only gone and opened a flippin’ shop!

Katie Lou Makes Stuff is open for business!

Okay, well it’s not quite a real shop, it’s an online Etsy shop, but a shop is a shop is a shop!

I’m so excited!  Loads of people were telling me to do it because I keep churning out loads of things I love making, but I only have a limited ‘audience’ for potential buyers, so I decided to throw caution to the wind and just do it!

I only have a few items on there at the moment, I’m trying to create one of everything I hope to sell and make them available for customisation.  I’ve used my amazing Stylecraft Pegs as my colour palette for potential customers to choose from, only trouble is, photographs never show true colour, so I guess I’m hoping that’s not going to be too much of an issue.

In terms of pricing, I’ve always been really unsure of what to charge for my work.  I’ve done a bit of research on Etsy and seen what others are charging for similar items, but I’ve got to be honest, everything seems really expensive.  I know its all handmade and takes a lot of time, energy and materials, I mean I really know how much goes into every item, but it just seems really excessive.  Far be it for me to tell other people what they should do and how much to charge, but I think I’ve priced my items at a more reasonable rate.  Yes of course I’d love to charge more, but I would rather sell two items at £15 each than just sell one at £20.  That way, more people can enjoy my handmade bits and bobs.

I pride myself on putting love into each item I make and I really hope this little venture kicks off in the way I hope it will.

Katie Lou New


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