Birthday Madness!

June 9th was my birthday.  I might be 34 now, but I made a point of telling everyone that I like to be made a fuss of! It’s the one day of the year that’s all about me!!  I came into work to find my office had been covered in balloons and banners and had not one, but TWO delicious birthday cakes!  I was spoiled with presents and received £60 in Wool Warehouse vouchers (YAAASSSSSSSS!) along with these beauties:

Clover Hooks

I had heard people raving about these Clover Amour hooks on a lot of Facebook groups I’m part of, so naturally I wanted them!  Up until this point I had been using hooks that I had bought from eBay for the grand price of £3.  They were very similar in appearance to the Clover hooks, but had harder plastic handles.  The Clover hooks have a soft grip handle and are a lot smoother to use.  Not sure they warrant they hefty price tag of £40, but they are lovely to use.

As I mentioned I also had £60 of Wool Warehouse vouchers, which I spent as soon as I had them!  As I’ve said in a previous post, one of my goals is to own every colour of Stylecraft special DK.  I already had a bundle from the last payday splurge, but I went ahead and ordered the rest of them!  Well, I say the rest of them, I didn’t get any of the ‘flecked’ colours, as they’re not necessarily colours I would use.

When the box arrived, I was SO excited!  I took each one out at a time and studied it before taking the next one out!  My family thought I was bonkers!

Birthday Delivery

I spent a good two days winding them all into little cakes using my trusty yarn winder and made these lovely yarn pegs that I intend on using for creating colour combinations:

Stylecraft Pegs

You may have seen in my previous post that I created a ‘yarn wall’ as a way of storing my yarn cakes.  Well, I had no room left in it, so had to put another one up!  It holds all my Stylecraft with room to spare!

Stylecraft Wall

I also treated myself to a couple of books from The Works, at an incredible £3 each!!

Oooooh!  I nearly forgot!  My wonderful brother got me some fantastic Ice Yarn I’d been asking for!  It came from Turkey and only took 4 days to arrive! Its called Magic Light and it is SO soft and beautiful!

Ice Magic Light

So, that was my birthday!  All over for another year! I wonder what the next year will bring?  Lots of yarny goodness I hope!


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