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Higgly Piggly nonsense, colour and fun!

Blogging is hard.  No wonder so many people give up!  I have so many ideas, so many thoughts running through my brain about projects, patterns, colours and general chatter that I worry about getting it out in some semblance of order!  I’ve decided that I’m just going to get stuff our, regardless of anything else.  For someone who loves order and organisation, I certainly do have a muddled brain!

Creative Brain My Mind






With that in mind I’m going to jibber jabber about a few things and not worry about them being in any sort of order!

I am flying through projects like no one’s business.  I have sold quite a few little makes, its all going into my little dinosaur piggy bank and will be going towards finishing off my tattoo  (more about that in another post!).

I’ve been flitting between making things to order and making things because I like the look of them.  I do end up giving away some things to friends.  If I didn’t, my house would be full of crochet bits and bobs!  I’m reluctant to sell anything that could be deemed as a toy because of the rules and regs regarding CE certification.  I don’t want to get myself into trouble, so my friend’s little girl tends to get a lot of it!

Another dragon




I’ve made one of these little dragons before, but he is so cute and easy that I fancied doing another one!  Plus, I just adore the colour yarn (it’s Women’s Institute).  Interestingly, the last time I made him, it took me about 14 hours!  This time I decided to time myself and it was 5 hours and 10 minutes of solid stitching.  Not bad!








I was browsing Ravelry a few weeks ago looking for inspiration, and happened to stumble across an amazing unicorn hat from Repeat Crafter Me.  Other than the preemie baby hats I made, I haven’t really made any hats, and as I had recently finished a beautiful rainbow star blanket, I knew I had perfect colours for the hair.  I started it immediately!  I got a bit cocky and thought I needed to make the hat bigger than the pattern suggested, so I increased more than I should have.  It’s massive!  Doesn’t matter too much, because It has ties attached the sides, so I can tie it up to keep it in place!

Unicorn Hat Front


Unicorn Hat Inside



The hat part was easy peasy. However, attaching the hair was an enormous labour of love.  I should have learned my lesson from making Calliope but clearly not!  Cutting all those individual strands of hair was sooooo annoying!  I tried to attach them in neat rows, but turns out I put FAR too much hair on and ended up looking like Coco the clown, not a magical majestic unicorn!  I ended up taking it all out and starting again!



Here is the final product:


Unicorn Hat Back

Unicorn Hat Side











It took absolutely ages, but I am absolutely over the moon with it!  I wore it to work and everyone loved it too!  I’ll never make another one though.  Never!





Because I cut far too much hair for the unicorn hat, I had loads of strands left over, so I thought I’d make a little unicorn toy to use some of it up.

I got the pattern from Top Crochet Patterns and it was really easy, I really enjoy making small toys like this.







For months now, my little friend Celyn has been asking me to make her a red dinosaur.

Dinosaur Amigurumi


I bought a dinosaur amigurumi book a few months ago, but to be absolutely honest, I wasn’t too impressed with the pictures of the finished products.   I started the pterodactyl in a beautiful purple chunky yarn, but realised when I finished his head that I didn’t have enough yarn to finish the rest of him, as I had grossly underestimated the size it was going to be.  I ended up frogging the whole thing and starting again.  This time I used Hobbycraft Value Yarn (which didn’t have a weight on it, but I’m guessing it’s 4 ply as it was quite thin).  I used a 3mm hook and set about trying again.  I really didn’t like the yarn.  It was too thin and slippery and made for very fiddly crocheting.

Dino Heads




I made the head and body, but when it came to the wings I gave up.  I don’t know where I was going wrong, but they just weren’t working.  To tell the truth I threw it in the abyss for a few months and forgot about it until recently when Celyn kept asking me about it.  On my second fresh attempt at creating the wings, I’d forgotten what size hook I’d used for the body and head and used a 3.5mm hook.  This meant the wings were enormous compare to the rest of him.  After a lot of cursing and sighing, I tried again.  This time I managed to do it properly!  Once the wings were done I went round the entire thing with a dc (sc US) to neaten it up a bit.





When I gave it to Celyn she absolutely loved it, but couldn’t decide whether it was a dragon or a dinosaur, therefore I have named him Dinodragon!   I will definitely make more dinos from the book, but definitely in a DK weight.





I love dinosaurs.  In fact, at the tender age of (almost) 34, I am proud to say I sleep under dinosaur duvet covers:
Dino Bed


My stash was becoming a bit of a mess, so I decided to get it out and sort it all properly. This was it a few weeks ago:


I think it’s a pretty small stash compared to others I’ve seen, so I took it as a sign to order more!  I’ve mentioned in the past that I have a goal to own every colour of the Stylecraft special DK collection.  So I went a little nuts and ordered quite a lot:

Beautiful Stash

The colours are absolutely beautiful, I could just stare at them all day imagining the possibilities!  (There is a cheeky ball of Stylecraft Life bottom left, but I found it for a pound in my favourite craft shop, so I had to have it!).

I’ve seen a lot of people creating colour pegs to keep track of their stash and as a way of putting colours together for pretty colour combos, so I did the same when I spent the day winding my yarn into cakes:

Stylecraft Pegs

I am far too excited by my stash.  It makes me so happy!  Only trouble is, I don’t want to use it!

I see these meme’s all the time and they really make me laugh, they are so true!

Finest Yarn Looking for a pattern







Moving on to my recent bout of DIY……

I had been thinking for ages about storing my yarn in a way that I could see them without having to tip them out of the boxes to see the colours I have.  I’d seen a great idea about a peg board stuck on the wall and I’d considered open shelving, but I don’t really have the room for standing shelves in my room and a peg board seemed too much like hard work.  However, last Sunday I was wandering around Poundstretcher and saw some garden trellis and I had a lightbulb moment!  It picked up some wall brackets for £1 and got to work.

As the trellis is only a few mm wide, I had to attach it to the wall, but ensure it was far enough away from the wall so the yarn could sit in it and not fall out.  It took a few attempts, and a few yarn collapses, but it was finally done!  I think it looks fantastic, even if I do say so myself!

Yarn Storage

I’ve left enough room to the right so I can put another one up.  This doesn’t even store half my stash, but at least it’s a start!

Well, I think that’s enough to be getting on with for now, a higgly piggly loads of nonsense, colour and fun!  Happy Thursday everyone!


4 thoughts on “Higgly Piggly nonsense, colour and fun!

  1. Awesome read! I just love the idea of organizing your yarn stash and wrapping a bit around pegs to know what colors you have in stock. Plus the idea of using them for future color combinations is brilliant. I love your unicorn creations!🦄


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