A coffee and a catch-up

I’ve had a busy few weeks since finishing Brian from the Crocheted Wild Animals book.  I have plans to make a few more things from there, but have been working on a few other projects to have a little break.

30th April was National Yarn shop day in the UK, so I went to my favourite local craft shop White Gecko Craft Lounge in Dinas Powys, South Wales.  I spent 4 hours there, working on one of my WIPs, eating cake, drinking tea and occasionally getting up to look at the vast array of goodies available.  They had recently received a donation of over 500 balls of yarn that were being sold for £1 each.  I was like a kid in a sweet shop.  I got myself some fabulous bargains, including this beauty:

Stylecraft Cabaret



I’ve been after some Stylecraft cabaret for a while, its a lot softer than I was expecting, really lovely to work with and the colour change is really gradual and beautiful.  I’ve already made a a Virus Shawl but wasn’t particularly fussed on the yarn I used; I thought this would be perfect, I wasn’t wrong.  Here is is so far:


Something Pretty

Every time I make something new, I always take it to work to show off.  A lot of people have been saying I should open a little shop, but crochet takes so long, that I can’t see there would be much money to be made.  That being said, I decided to open a desktop market shop, aptly called ‘Katie’s Crochet Market’.  These are some of the goodies I made:

Summer Wreath

Heart Coasters

Hanging Hearts   Market Stock


















and here is my desktop market:

Katie's Crochet Market Stall2

I’ve struggled with the flimsiness of the coasters slightly; I’ve used acrylic yarn, but it’s not particularly stiff, and the spray starch I bought is about as useful as a chocolate teapot.  I also tried a sugar water solution, but it just made them sticky and yucky.  I’ve been told to use cotton, but I really wanted to use the yarn I had in my stash.  I’ve heard spray adhesive is good, so I may try that, see how it works out.  If anyone has any suggestions, I’d be ever so grateful to hear them.

I’m surprised at how much has sold to be honest!  I put a few little things on my Facebook page and have been asked for a few things by some old friends, which is lovely as it has put me back in touch with people I haven’t seen since school!

I was asked to make two star blankets for a friend of a friend, one in rainbow colours and one in red and cream.  I am not particularly gifted at putting colours together, but raided my stash and came up with this combo, which I think is beautiful:

Rainbow of colour


It’s a mixture of DK weight yarn from the James C Brett ‘Top Value’ range, Women’s Institute and Woolcraft ranges. I’ve never been too worried about sticking to the same brand for one project and I’m sure no one would ever know the difference anyway!




I made the rainbow coloured one first and was a bit nervous about it being perfect as it was a commissioned piece for a stranger.  I charged £10 for each blanket, but in hindsight I should have charged a bit more for the amount of work that went into them.  I rather stupidly forgot to take a photo of the red and cream one, but here is the rainbow one:

Another Star Blanket



It’s a bit ruffled in places and doesn’t exactly sit flat, I think I must have gained and lost a few stitches along the way somewhere, but the recipient was absolutely over the moon, which makes it all worthwhile.










There is an awful lot more going on behind the scenes, I’ve made a lot of things recently, but plan on saving those for other posts.  This is just a quick catch up and hello!



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