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There’s just no stopping me!

I am a crochet machine!  I can’t believe the rate in which I’m getting through projects!  Because cross stitch is such a time consuming craft, I’m not used to finishing things so quickly!  It’s actually brilliant because it means I get to do lots of different things and use lots of different yarns.  As I’ve mentioned in the past, I tend to forget to take photos whilst I’m crocheting, which means I end up with a blog post such as this one, which is a hotch-potch of different things!

Preemie hats




One of my crochet pals on Facebook had asked if anyone could make some hats for premature babies in our local hospital, so I thought I’d give it a go.  They are in no way perfect, but I think they’ll do the trick.  I’ve sent them off with a little note about an idea I have for some more, if they give me the go ahead, it’ll be a really fun and exciting project….










I also made a little sheep from yarn that came with a crochet magazine.  I made it for my friend’s little girl, who aptly named him ‘Sheep’.  The bobbly yarn used to make his body and hair, is by far the most difficult and fiddly yarn I have EVER used.  I couldn’t see where the stitches were for love nor money, so I just blindly put my hook wherever I could find a stitch!  In no way did I follow the pattern as it was absolutely impossible to see what I was doing!  I will never, ever use it again!




As I mentioned in my previous post, I absolutely love making star blankets and as I had some baby yarn, I though I would have a go at making a ‘lovey’.  I have a friend who is expecting a boy, and whilst I don’t like gender stereotyping, I know others prefer blue for boys and pink for girls.  The elephant is actually just the head of what was supposed to be a whole elephant, I got the pattern from Louslabors and It is the most beautiful little elephant I ever did see!

Heffalump lovey

Little and Large


Flowers for Nan



I had told my work BFF that I would make her little sausage dog, Toby a blanket; so last weekend I knocked this up.  A few months ago, I made her a crochet sausage dog (who she named Dixie) which was detailed in my I love Crochet post.  I thought it would be so cute for Dixie to have her own version of Toby’s blanket, so I made a mini version!








My lovely Nan’s birthday was on April 2nd and I thought I’d have a go at making some roses for her.  I found a simple pattern from Planet June which consisted of chaining, then shell stitching along the chain, then rolling it up and sewing through the bottom to create the rose effect.  To make the stems, I used a pipe cleaner and wrapped green yarn tightly all the way around.  They look really effective and she absolutely loved them!






I’ve probably mentioned in the past that I absolutely LOVE Harry Potter and have wanted to crochet something Potter related for ages.  I didn’t particularly want to do a blanket as I already have a shop bought Hogwarts blanket that I use all the time.  I’d seen a couple of Golden snitches and even a Made Eye Moody Eye, but what really caught my attention was the sorting hat by Crafty is Cool.  I used Women’s Institute Premium acrylic yarn in ‘Choc’ and a 4.5mm hook.  It was really fun and really easy.  Took a fair bit of concentration as there was a lot of odd increases and decreases to create his unusual face.  I think I will definitely make another one, but I’ll make the next one bigger, so it actually fits atop an adult head.

Sorting Hat




I had to order some more yarn for a project I was working on and used the opportunity to order a Stylecraft special DK shade card.  Its always nice to be able to see the actual colours for real, instead of on a screen and it’s the best I can do until I get the money to order a ball in every single colour, which is the dream; There’s over 80! so It’ll be a good long while before I can do that!

I have so many ideas in my head of things I’d like to do, I’ve taken to keeping a notebook handy to write down websites and patterns I happen to stumble across.  I also print out various bits and bobs and stick them in as inspiration.  It’s become my ‘book of happiness’ and I tend to have a flick through when I’m feeling a bit blue, or lost for my next project.  Speaking of which, think I’ll have a flick through and see what I can do next…..





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