Doggie Blankets

I have two very  beautiful dogs; Peggy a mischievous chihuahua and Sansa a mixed breed rescue dog.  Unfortunately, they live with their other mother, so I don’t get to see them as often as I used to.  Anyone who has ever had dogs will understand how horrible it is to be away from them.  I wanted to make them each a little blanket so they had something from mum to keep with them and remind them of me.  I decided that the corner to corner blanket I’d started was going to be perfect for Sansa.

I used Bonus DK Buzz in ‘Jazzy’ and a 4.5mm hook.  It’s quite sturdy and the yarn used can be washed and dried, which with Sansa is a necessity because she is a very stinky dog. I got the pattern from the Crochet Crowd, but once I’d done the first couple of squares, there was no need at all to follow a pattern, it was the same thing over and over again.  Really easy.  It wasn’t long before I’d made a mistake though! Unfortunately, there was no way of rectifying it so I had to frog it all to add the two blocks I’d missed!

C2C whoops

I wanted a rectangular blanket, and because you create the C2C from the corner, it naturally develops into a square if you decrease both sides at the same time.  Thankfully there is an easy way to make it rectangular which is to decrease only one side until you have the length you want, then you decrease at both sides.  Really easy.

C2C growing!

As you can see from the photos, there are obvious stripes where I’ve used a new ball of yarn.  They are all the same dye lot, so I don’t know why its happened, unless there’s a ‘correct’ end of yarn I should have used?  Never mind, I don’t think Sansa will mind!

It built up fairly quickly, though truth be told, doing the same lot of stitches over and over again was a bit tedious.  Once it was done it definitely needed a border.  I didn’t want anything fancy, so I just did a simple single crochet all the way round in a light blue I had in my stash that matched one of the blues in the yarn.

C2C border

Here it is all finished (iPad for scale):

C2C Finished

Here is the final piece with its recipient:

C2C Sansa approves

Now Peggy is a lot smaller, so she only needed a dinky blanket.  I really fancied trying a star blanket and thought it would be a good plan to use some of the odds and ends of yarn I’d accumulated.  Again I turned to the Crochet Crowd for their star blanket pattern and it was really easy.

Star blanket rounds 1-5

Once the first 5 rounds are done, you don’t need to follow the pattern, it’s the same thing on each row.

Star blanket progress

This is one of the quickest building projects I’ve made and it is SO EASY!  Once I had the size I wanted I thought I would add some tassels to each corner to ‘special’ it up a bit:

Here is the happy new recipient:

Star blanket Peggy approves

I think I love star blankets! They are my new (current) favourite thing!

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