The Virus Shawl

So, it would seem the Virus Shawl is pretty hot right now.

Absolutely loads of people were attempting it on the Bella Coco facebook group I’m a member of and I really loved that way it looked.  Despite the fact I still have a C2C blanket on the go, I really couldn’t wait to try it.

My lovely nan had recently had a weekend away and come back with some lovely presents for me:


As you can see, there is some beautiful Marriners Mermaid DK yarn that I thought would be beautiful made into a virus shawl, so I set about making it (I’m using a 3.5mm hook).

As far as I could see there were no written instructions, only instructional YouTube videos from Woolpedia.  The videos are separated into 5 ‘episodes’ and I managed to follow along reasonably well.

Virus Shawl

I was doing really well until I reached the last of the videos and the instructions said the rest of the shawl was done just repeating 4 rows.  This is how much was done when the video instructions came to an end:

Building Up!

I was really confused.  I didn’t know what row I was on.  I was confused about what came next, how much to increase, and just generally flummoxed.  Thankfully the ladies on the Bella Coco facebook page came to my rescue and explained how to do the row I was on in simple terms.  Someone also very kindly created a PDF of written instructions (I can’t find the link for love nor money!)

Once I’d got to grips with where I was, the rest just seems to fall into place.  At this point I still have to look at the instructions every now and again, but I think before long I will be able to do each row from memory.  I’m really enjoying it and I love how the colours change!

I’ve always followed written instructions, but I actually downloaded the picture instructions to use and despite the fact I’ve never used these kinds of instructions, I am finding them helpful:

Virus shawl written pattern

Well, since I wrote and saved the draft post above, I’ve completed the shawl!

It didn’t take long for me to continue the shawl without looking at the instructions.  However, when completing one of the rows, I realised I’d made a mistake on the row below!  I should have done 3 chain spaces, but had only done 2!

Virus Shawl oh no

There was absolutely no way of rectifying it, so it meant the frog had to visit!

Virus Shawl oops

It only took half an hour to get back to where I was, so it wasn’t too bad.

There are no official instructions on when to stop, so I just kept going until I thought it was big enough.  It does build up quite quickly and was a real pleasure to make.

Virus Shawl getting there

I think I enjoyed it because there was a lot of variety to the stitching, it was a 4 row repeat, so it mixed things up a bit, which I liked.  Here is the finished piece:

Virus Shawl Voila

Truth be told, it’s not necessarily something I would wear.  I really did enjoy doing it and I love the colours, but I made it more for the fun and experience of making it rather than for the final piece, if you know what I mean.  Have you ever made something just because you wanted to?

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