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A few Easter baskets and a flowerpot!

With Easter fast approaching, I thought it would be a nice idea to knock up a couple of Easter baskets just big enough to fit a Cadbury’s creme egg and see if I could sell them.  My car recently broke down and funds are low, so I thought it would be a fun and inexpensive way of raising a few extra shillings.  I looked online at some patterns, but I really wanted to see if I could make one up myself without following instructions.

My wonderful nan had bought me some lovely spring inspired yellow and lilac yarn which was perfect, so I set about with a vague idea of what I wanted to do.  I made a magic ring and placed 6 dc (US sc) in the ring.  I then did a standard increase until I had 32 stitches.  I then wanted some obvious definition between the bottom of the basket and the sides, so I dc (US sc) into the back loop of every stitch to make a visible ridge.  I then continued stitching rounds of 32 until I had the desired height.  I thought a scalloped edge would be pretty so I had a go at making it up as I went along.  In truth, I did far too many scallops and I should have made them over more stitches, but you stitch and you learn!

Once the edging was done, I chained about 20 and slip stitched the newly formed handle to the opposite side.   After looking at the finished piece, it was immediately apparent that it was far too big to comfortably hold a chocolate egg without it falling out, so I weaved a strand of yellow yarn a few stitches below the top and used it to gather the basket together.

Basket 1

It did not look good.  I decided to try again.

I started with the same process, (magic ring, 6 dc [US sc] standard increase) until I got to 24 stitches, then popped a dc (US sc) into the back loops only for my ridge and continued in rounds of 24 until I got my desired height.  I tried the scalloped edge again, but this time did them over more stitches so they looked a bit better.  I followed the same process for the handle, but this time I decided to make a little flower for the front.  I did follow a pattern for this and got it from New Stitch a Day.  After I’d added the cute little embellishment, I had the realisation that yet again, I’d created a monstrosity.

Basket 2

Ok, ‘monstrosity’ might be a bit harsh, but it definitely was not good.  The flower was great, but the basket not so much.  I decided to have yet another go.

I started exactly the same way, but only went to 18 stitches around before putting the back loop ridge in.  It took no time at all because it was so small and followed the same method for making the handle.  I was quite chuffed with the end result, it looked quite cute and held a creme egg comfortably and snuggly.  However, upon taking them to work to show off, a number of people mentioned to me that they looked like testicle warmers.  Hmph.

Baskets 3 & 4

Well, I put to bed the idea of making little Easter baskets and plumped for making a large one that I could put a selection of eggs and treats inside.  I did a quick Ravelry search and found this simple pattern by Re-made by Sam I didn’t add the ribbon, but I think I did a pretty good job.

That'll Do!

Whilst I was fiddling around with Easter baskets, I had completely neglected my other WIPs and  have decided that from this point on I am going to (try) to be a one WIP at a time kinda gal.  I don’t hold out much hope for myself, but I’m going to give it a good go.

I had started a pot of flowers from  Let’s Get Crafting’s Knitting & Crochet magazine, which had fallen by the wayside whilst I tinkered with the Easter baskets.  So I picked it back up and swore to finish it before even thinking about any other projects.

Let's Get Crafting Kit

Stitching all the individual components was easy and I really enjoyed stitching the flowers, they are quick and easy and look really effective.

Pretty Flower

I was supposed to weigh it down with some beads of some sort, but I didn’t have any so I cut a circle out of some cardboard and placed it at the bottom of the pot to give it a more stable underside.  (No soggy bottoms allowed!) I then stuffed it with toy filling and commenced my least favourite part of any project – sewing all the bits and bobs together.  I really dislike it.  I like things to look like they do in the magazines and 99.9% of the time they don’t, which puts me in a sulk.  Now the picture of the flowerpot in the magazine looks beautiful; all the flowers are nicely placed, with beautiful luscious leaves delicately interspersed with the flowers.  After I’d sewn my flowers on, I couldn’t conceivably see where on earth I was supposed to place the leaves, so I left them off.

All in all, I’m quite pleased with it.  I shall be giving it to my nan for Mother’s day and I know she will just love it.

Pot of Flowers














I’m going to try and stick to my ‘one WIP at a time’ rule, so tonight I return to my multicolour/mutistitch blanket which I will post about soon….

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