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Like most crocheters, I have amassed quite a significant amount of yarn in varying colours and weights.  Whilst this is a good thing in one respect, it is no good for my bank balance, or the already limited storage space I have in my house.  I am far too easily swayed by pretty yarn colours and as a result was looking for a good way to store them all.  I’d noticed a few people on a facebook group I’m part of (Bella Coco – The Crochet club) were talking about wool winders.  I watched a very helpful YouTube video by Girlybunches that showed me exactly how they work and how your yarn looks afterwards.  I was sold.  I bought mine from eBay for £10 and (im)patiently waited for it to arrive.  It was remarkably simple to use, though winding 150g balls of yarn proved to be highly annoying.  They had to be made into two separate ‘cakes’ as i think 150g is too much for the poor little spindle to take.  Here’s how they look:

Products of the yarn winder

They are much easier to stack and fantastic when it comes to working on projects because you pull the yarn from the centre, which means you don’t have to throw your yarn ball over the place to release the next few inches!  Definitely worth the spend!

A couple of weeks ago, my facebook news feed exploded with an offer on yarn in Aldi.  I think every knitter/crocheter bought at least one pack.  I went to have a look and they had every colour of the rainbow in beautiful, vivid shades.  Only trouble was, they came in packs of 4 x 100g in the same colour at £4.50.  It would have cost me over £40 for all the colours I wanted and I would have had to find room in my house for 40 balls of yarn.  I held my head high and walked out empty handed.  I was proud and ashamed all at the same time!  I ventured over to poundstretcher and I heard a noise like angels singing when I saw the most beautiful coloured yarn in the craft section.  £1.99 per ball of 150g.  I bought 9 balls and consoled myself that £18 was better than £45 and finding room for 9 balls of yarn was going to be an awful lot easier than 40.  These are the beautiful colours I chose:

All the Colours

I’ve decided to make a blanket, but the story of that will be saved for another time.

Whilst I’m rambling, I want to take this opportunity to upload a few pictures of some quick projects I did, that I didn’t turn into blog posts..  Firstly, I made a friend for Dave for my nan, she wanted to call her Daphne and specifically asked for a red one (we’re Welsh and rather patrotic)


Also, from the leftover yarn from the mermaid tail, I threw together some heart pops from Bella Coco’s tutorial.   They were really simple to make, and made a lovely gift for my two best friends.  (We got to keep one each).

Heart pops

I also attended my very first crochet club on the weekend!  A group of like minded individuals gathered in a pub (strictly teas and coffees all round considering it was only 10am!) we chatted, showed one another what we were working on, and generally had a lovely time.  It was really nice to go somewhere different and see what other people were making.  I really enjoyed myself and am looking forward to the next one.

Ooooh, I almost forgot, I took a trip to hobbycraft the other day to pick up some flesh coloured yarn for a project I’m working on and I saw the most beautiful variegated yarn.  I couldn’t resist it.  As yet I have no idea what I’m going to make with it, I just like looking at it!

So Pretty!


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