I’m a bit of a giver upper…

I’m a Gemini, so by my very nature (if you believe in that sort of thing) I am a fickle person.  In most other areas of my life this is quite true.  I start doing something, get completely engrossed in it, then just as quickly find a passion for something else.  The only thing that has never happened with is cross-stitch and now crochet.  Well sort of.

With cross stitch I have always been a ‘one project at a time’ kind of girl.  Mainly because I only have one frame and it is far too much hard work to prepare a new kit!  I thought I would be the same with crochet, but it appears not.  I bought ‘Knit & Crochet’ magazine that had some free balls of yarn to make a project featured in the magazine.  I opted for the dragon.  This is what the finished article was supposed to look like:

Dragon Magazine

It was a really weird pattern.  You had to leave a holes for various parts to be added later and it was going quite well.  In fact, I was really pleased with myself.  That was until it came to putting it all together.  The hole for the snout seemed to be a bit off centre and I couldn’t get them to join.  I got so frustrated with it, I shoved it in a box that shall henceforth be known as ‘the abyss’.


I still can’t believe I spent all that time on it only to give up in a huff.  Its really not like me!  I think the prospect of doing something else more exciting was too much to contend with, so I talked myself into thinking I was doing the right thing!

Next I decided to have a go at the tea cosy kit I had bought with my Hobbycraft voucher.  I took all my bits and bobs to Costa and set up ready to photograph my progress:

Good intentions

I actually started this the day I finished my mermaid tail and going from using a 6mm hook, to a 3mm was really weird!  I followed the pattern and it was apparent something wasn’t going right.  I seemed to have what I can only describe as a ‘nipple’.


For the life of me I couldn’t figure out where on the teapot this would fit.  I definitely followed the pattern.  Or at least I thought I had…..  Can you guess where I put it?  Yup, in the abyss.  It joins the dragon and the first attempt at Geraint the Gorilla.  I’m sure more will be thrown in the abyss as time goes on!

I’ve really surprised myself at the fact I have given up on 3 projects.  I really thought I was more tenacious than that!  To be honest, I think it’s the temptation of a new project, new colours, new yarns, new techniques that encourage me to be a giver-upper!

Oh well, guess it’s on to the next project!

8 thoughts on “I’m a bit of a giver upper…

  1. I think everyone has this happen to them at one point or another. I’ve put down so many projects just because I wanted to work on something with more color or something with a new pattern. I usually return to the old projects once I finish the new ones and get them out of my system, ha ha! 😀
    I also find that when I’m having trouble with patterns, putting them down can be the best thing sometimes. If I put them down for a couple days and work on something else, I have a much easier time figuring out if/what I did wrong. 🙂


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