What an achievement!

So, after several visits from the frog, it’s finally done!  I continued the decreasing rounds until there were only 4 shells remaining, which I sewed together as instructed.

Back finish

The back wasn’t joined as much as I thought it would be, so once the whole thing was done, I sewed it up another 18 inches or thereabouts, so its more of a sleeping bag effect.

I moved on to the fin/tail and it was whilst doing this I realised just how far I’d come as a crochter.  I absolutely fired through it and it was done in next to no time.  Unfortunately, when it came to attaching it to the blanket section, it looked bloody awful.  In fact, when I told my mum it was done, her first reaction was: “hmmmm, well I have to say I’m extremely disappointed with that”.  Thanks for that mum.  She was right though, it did not look right.  It was too small and flimsy, despite the fact I followed the pattern to the letter.  I thought that by sewing up the bottom few rows of shells, it might make the fin ‘pop’ a bit more.  It didn’t.  It looked even worse:

Bad Tail

Now, I’m sure my friend would have loved it regardless, but I wasn’t happy.  I’d finished it about 10pm at night and was in such a sulk I threw it on the floor in a strop.  The following day I spent aaaaaaaggggeeessss ‘frogging’ the stitches I’d made to sew the rows of shells together and the stitches attaching the fin to the blanket.  There was one tense moment where I thought I had snipped one of the shells and was going to have a whole row unravel on me, but thankfully all was well.

I decided the best option was to throw another row of Trebles around the outside of the fin in a contrasting colour.  Then I thought a scalloped edge would add something extra to it and it ended up looking like this:

Two Tails

I think it looks much better and thankfully I had the seal of approval from mum too.

Once I sewed the tail to the blanket, I joined the back together a few more inches and it was done!  All ready for it’s new home!  Here it is, Hot off the Hook!

FinishedHot Off The Hook

I am so pleased with this.  It is by far the biggest thing I have ever made.  It is so soft, so warm and lovely that I had a hard time actually giving it up!  It took me 10 days from start to finish, which considering I only picked up a hook 3 months ago, is quite an achievement.  Oh well, guess it’s on to the next project…………….

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