The ongoing tale of the tail

I started working on the mermaid tail on Saturday 30th January and have worked on it almost every day since. I stupidly forgot to photograph my progress during the first few days, but started documenting it on Thursday 4th February after I had completed 50 rows:

50 Rows

It builds up really quickly and is really soft, cosy, lovely and warm!  I actually don’t want to give it away! I managed another 9 rows on Friday night whilst watching Harry Potter:

59 Rows

After taking a break from the mermaid tail on Saturday, I got back on the wagon on Sunday, and managed another 8 rows:

68 Rows

Monday night I was absolutely determined to finish the rows and start the next part of the pattern, which is to join the rows and start working in the round.  I managed it at about 10pm last night!  It was very straightforward joining together and I managed to do one round before I went off to bed:

75 Rows

You may notice the addition of a yarn winder in the upper left of the picture above.  I bought it on my last order at wool warehouse.  It certainly makes things a lot easier and I don’t have to keep lifting my arms like a madwoman to unravel a bit more yarn.  Definitely a worthwhile investment.  I’ve recently heard about ‘yarn cakes’ and ‘yarn winders’ I don’t know if these are the same devices or whether they are something completely different.  I’ll have a little investigate later.

Now, I have discovered a couple of things since taking up crochet.

1). It is entirely possible to fall asleep whilst crocheting.  I have done it several times

2). It is also possible (but rarer) to hallucinate whilst crocheting.  This happened to me on Sunday evening.  I saw a monkey’s face in the rows of shells.  I took that as a sign to go to bed.

Anyhow, back to the tail, I’m hoping to continue the decreasing rounds tonight and maybe start working on the fin.  This is by far the biggest thing I have ever done and I am so excited by it!


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