A Couple of Cup Cosies

Technically, its not a couple, it’s 3 which I believe would be classed as ‘a few’, but that didn’t sound as good.  Anyway, let’s not get into semantics……..

I really wanted to take a little break from the mermaid tail.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying it, but the repetitiveness was getting to me slightly and I wanted something I could easily transport to Costa without having to take a massive basket of stash with me.  I decided on a cute little cup cosy I’d found on Ravelry by a designer called Twinkie Chan.

I made a little change to it, by using safety eyes and not adding the eyelids, so I think it looks more like a monster than an octopus, but it still looks cool!

Now, I actually made it for my mum, but she wasn’t very impressed with the blue Women’s Institute yarn I’d chosen and wanted a green one.  Typical.  It didn’t take long to do and I learned from a few mistakes I’d made on the blue one.  I added a few more rows of stitching because I was using a 3.5mm hook which I now know was too small.  In hindsight I should have just increased the hook size, but hey-ho, you live and you learn.  Now they are by no means perfect, in fact looking at the photos I can see they do look a bit of an untidy mess, but here they are together in all their glory:

Monster Cup Cosy

After I knocked those two bad boys up, I fancied having a go at another cup cosy I saw on Ravelry.  It’s called Bow-Tie Cup Cosy but mine didn’t turn out quite like the beautiful one in the instructions.  Again, I think I should have made the bow with a bigger hook and perhaps a slighter thicker yarn, I ended up with a miniature bow, but I think it looks cute!

This was so quick and easy to make, you alternate stitching in front and back loops to create the ridges which are a nice feature.  I used the blue Women’s Institute yarn I used for monster number 1.  Its such a lovely soft yarn, I really enjoy stitching with it.

Anyhow, without further ado, here is is:

Cup Cosy



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