A different kind of blanket….

First things first: Michelle, if you are reading this before I have given you the finished article, I suggest you navigate away from the page immediately!

Right, now that is out of the way I can let you in to what I’m doing.

Before I developed an interest in crochet, I saw a picture doing the rounds on Facebook of a blanket that was in the shape of a mermaid’s tail.  It was so cool I thought I would just love to have one.  It was always in the back of my mind that I would make one and with one of my best friend’s birthday’s looming, I thought it would be a good opportunity to try.

I searched the net and found a relatively simple looking pattern on Yarnutopia with the added bonus of there being a YouTube tutorial to follow if I got confused.

I’ve never attempted anything this large and had no idea where to start in terms of yarn.  I still don’t understand the weights and different types.  I usually just wing it!  I had a look on Wool Warehouse and judging from the advice on the YouTube video and the pattern details, I decided to go for a chunky yarn.  My friend’s favourite colour is purple, so I went for 3 different shades.  Again, I had no idea how much I was going to need and went for what turned out to be rather a significant underestimate!  I ordered 2 of each colour and excitedly waited for them to be delivered.  The order was placed on Thursday afternoon and the package was delivered on Friday!  I was so excited to find they had been wrapped beautifully in a lovely organza bag!

Wool Delivery

It’s a Stylecraft Special Chunky yarn, in ‘Lavender 1188’, ‘Magenta 1084’ and ‘Emperor 1425’
The Wool

I decided to use the darkest purple for the topmost part of the blanket and commenced stitching a chain of 153.  I put stitch markers in every 25th chain just so I didn’t lose count, then went back and put a tr (dc US term) in each chain across.

The First Row

I’m not entirely sure what’s happened to the colour on this photo.  The sofa is actually jet black in colour and the yarn is dark purple!  You get the idea though!

So the majority of the blanket is made with rows of ‘shells’  5tr in dc, skip 2, dc, skip 2, 5tr over and over again, changing colour at the end of each row.


It’s very therapeutic and relaxing doing this, although perhaps too relaxing.  On more than one occasion I have found myself falling asleep mid-stitch! I think it’s building up pretty quickly.  I had managed to do this much between Saturday afternoon and early evening on Sunday:

A Few Rows

The only fiddly bit is the little ends of yarn that are left over from changing colour.  I was worrying that they were going to drive me mad if I left them to the very end, so I decided that weaving them in every 5 rows or so was better than waiting ’til the end or doing it at the end of every row

Fiddly Ends

I’m really pleased it’s building up so quickly.  I’ve just placed another order with the Wool Warehouse for 9 more balls of yarn, along with a wooden yarn spinner.  I’m sick to death of lifting my arms to pull more yarn loose, so we will see how that turns out when it gets here.

I’ll post regular updates of how I’m getting on!

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