I love Crochet

I Love Crochet


I love Crochet.  Truly, I mean I actually love it.  It has helped me through some difficult times and given me something to be excited about.  Now I know that may sound daft, but I genuinely have a lot to thank crochet for.  The creative possibilities are limitless and the colours, textures and patterns I’ve been introduced to have inspired me to expand my creative repertoire, which was previously limited to cross stitch.

I’ve become a member of a few online crochet communities, made some new friends who share the same love for crochet and got in touch with old friends who have seen some of my creations and want to place orders!

I have experienced quite severe anxiety in the past, but crochet has helped no end with the symptoms.  It gives me something to think about, rather than the all-consuming, constant deep fear that comes with anxiety.  After rooting about on the net I found this website: All You Might Want to Know About How Crochet Heals People which just goes to show crochet is definitely a natural anti-depressant!

Crochet for Mental Health

I keep a notebook in my bag with ideas and websites and little notes for myself.  I love jotting down thoughts that pop into my head that I can look up online at a later time. When I first started crocheting, I found it really helpful to keep a copy of the individual stitches and how to do them, so when I was following a pattern, I could quickly refer to the notes to remind me what to do for a ‘htr’ or a ‘tr’ and the comparisons for US terms.  It helped me memorise them a lot easier.

Whilst browsing around online I found a few funny crochet memes I thought I would share here.

I think you definitely have to be a true crochet fanatic to enjoy these!

Ooooh, whilst I’m here, I may as well show you my most recent finish, a beautiful little sausage dog for my BFAW (Best Friend At Work).  She has a sausage dog at home called Toby, but decided to call her new crochet friend ‘Dixie’.


Dixie was super easy to make.  I got the pattern from Ravelry, it’s called ‘Sizzle the Sausage Dog’ by Sharon Maher and was so quick to make.  I knocked him up in a day!  In fact, I started him on Saturday morning in my usual haunt, Costa Coffee in my town.  I spent two and a half hours in there sipping latte and working on him, only to get home, open my crochet basket and realise I’d left my yarn in the coffee shop!  Thankfully they knew it was mine and kept it behind the counter for me!  I think that may be a sign I am there too often!

My BFAW absolutely loved it, she was over the moon.  So much so, it’s inspired her to start crocheting!  I was so excited by this prospect, that I brought in a spare 4.5mm hook and a ball of red yarn to teach her and we’ve just had our first lesson!  Her homework tonight is to practice slip knots, the foundation chain and how to hold the hook and yarn.  I did tell her that when I very first picked up a crochet hook and yarn, I ended up throwing it on the floor in a huff because I just couldn’t do it.  So if I can learn, anyone can!




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