Crafty Christmas Haul

Firstly, a very happy new year to everyone! I hope it brings you inspiration, happiness and as much yarn as you could ever want!  


I am very lucky to follow my nan when it comes to being crafty and creative.  She is an extremely talented, self taught knitter and crocheter and I was very lucky to get her as my secret Santa this year!  I received some beautiful sparkly grey/silver yarn, a cute little crochet book and a very much needed storage box to keep my ever growing stash of yarn in one place.  

Presents from Nan

I was lucky enough to get some Hobbycraft vouchers for Christmas and as they were burning a hole in my pocket I spent them the day after Boxing Day! I bought a lovely sewing machine case, which is one of those things I’ve been wanting for ages, but something I didn’t necessarily want to spend my own money on.  I also bought a handy little crochet hook case to keep all my tools in one place.

Hobbycraft Voucher Haul

I also nabbed myself a ‘crochet your own tea cosy’ kit:

Hobbycraft Voucher Haul 2

Some safety eyes and 6 balls of Women’s Institute yarn (which was buy two, get one one free) in black, white, blue, purple, green and brown.  They were only £2.20 each and by far the softest, loveliest yarn I’ve used so far.  

Yarn Buys

It certainly has been a very crafty Christmas and the majority of my two weeks off have been spent crocheting, shopping for crochet supplies or thinking about crochet! I have so many ideas and plans, but not enough time to do it all!

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