A few Christmas makes

With Christmas fast approaching, I was aware of the fact I needed to get one of my very best friends a gift.  Her favourite colour is purple and I just happened to see the most beautiful sparkly purple yarn on offer, 3 balls for £2.  I figured a scarf would be the quickest and most useful thing to knock up.  I made a foundation chain and decided that hdc would be a good way to build it up quickly and still be sturdy enough to keep her toasty.  Only trouble is, as is my usual practice, I ended up skipping a couple of stitches and ended up with a wobbly sided scarf.   Because it looked so untidy I decided to stitch around the outside of the scarf with a dc (sc US term).  It didn’t even up the skipped stitches, but it looked a lot better!

Either end of the scarf was looking a bit boring, so I added a scalloped edge to each side.  I pretty much made it up as I went along, so I’m relatively impressed with how it turned out!

Scalloped edge

Finally, the finished product looked like this:

Finished Scarf

I felt a bit bad just giving her the scarf, so I made a little elephant for her too.  She actually picked it out herself on a recent shopping trip at ‘The Works’ only £3, so it was an absolute bargain!

What's in the box

I started off by stitching his little trunk and head.  I was quite excited about using safety eyes for the first time, but was really disappointed to find they had only put one in the pack!  I couldn’t believe it!  I ended up using some beads which didn’t look particularly good, but it was better than leaving him eyeless.

Elephant Face

It was quite a small elephant, so working the little legs was quite fiddly.  As I seem to be finding with all my new ventures, each new project introduces something I’ve never done before, and this little elephant was no different.  Once all four legs had been stitched, they needed to be stitched together by making a round using the outer stitches of each 4 legs.  I clipped the legs together using stitch markers, but actually found that more of a hindrance than a help:

Once the legs/body and head were done, it was onto the ears.  These were easy peasy and simply a circle increase with the final round being stitched in red into the back loop only to create an accent on the ears.  All that was left to do was stitch all the pieces together and give him a little tail.  Quick and easy little make and a very happy recipient.  (He was named Humphrey).


Completed Elephant


The final make of Christmas was something simple and easy because I was bored and didn’t really have anything to do.  I fancied making a cactus, and remembered reading somewhere that making a basic cactus was just a case of stitching in rows until you had a rectangle, then attaching row 1 to row 20 with a slip stitch.  This is what it looked like:

Cactus Base

I fed the remaining yarn through the centre of the cactus and weaved it through the top stitches and pulled to close.

The rest of the cactus I made up as I went along.  I stitched some brown yarn directly to the bottom stitches of the cactus for the soil and continued in increasing rounds until I thought there was enough.  I then followed the same process for the red ‘pot’, but realised I needed a definite lip between the soil and the pot and wasn’t sure what to do, so I chanced adding a hdc to the first round of red and ended up with what looked like the edge of the pot, so I was really happy.

I continued increasing rounds until I thought it was time to start coming back in again, so I alternated rows of single stitches with rows of dc2tog (sc2tog US terms) stitches.  When I was close to the bottom, I stitched into the back loop only to created a ridge for the bottom of the pot and stuffed it with toy filling.  I continued to dc2tog until it was closed and weaved in the yarn.tail  I then made a quick and simple flower and attached it to the top of the cactus with yellow yarn.  It was really simple and quick to do and he has already been claimed by someone.  She has been christedned: Mrs Pricklepuss!

Completed Cactus


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