Owl always love you….

Sorry, bad post title. but I couldn’t help it.

So, after finishing the wings, I moved onto the beak, flower and eyes.  They were all easy enough, but when it came to the blue around the eyes, I was introduced to a stitch I’d never done before; it’s called ‘crab stitch’ or ‘reverse double crochet’.  The instructions old me to ch1, then dc in the stitch to the right.   I tried a few times, but couldn’t get the hang of it.  Thankfully, YouTube had a few helpful videos and I think I managed to do a pretty decent job.  I think the purpose of it is to make the stitches ‘pop out’ a bit.


So, I moved on to the trickiest part of the little fella, which was hooking those ruffles around it’s middle.  I started with purple and htr into each stitch around it’s body.  It was supposed to go between rounds 14-15, but I still have no idea how to count stitches properly, so I made an uneducated guess.  The htr’s in each stitch were extremely annoying as I kept catching stray bits of yarn as I was pulling through the 3 loops.  The scallops were much easier, but my counting was yet again off because every ruffle I did ended up finishing with a fair few stitches left, so I ended up putting an extra scallop in some of them.  I don’t think you’d notice though.

Now I don’t know how I managed to do it, but on completing the second ruffle in pink, I noticed that it was upside down.  I still don’t know how I didn’t notice when I was doing it, it was only when the whole thing was done did I realise.  I contemplated leaving it, but it looked terrible, so I ended up pulling it all out and starting again.


Hooking those ruffles was quite annoying and I’m certain I’ve done something else wrong.  The picture on the box shows the ruffles laying ‘down’ against the body, but mine are sticking up.  I keep trying to flatten them, but they’re not having any of it.

Once all the ruffles were attached, it was time for my least favoiurite job of all – sewing all the components together.  I stuffed the little fella according to the instructions, ensuring the body was filled more than the head and sewed the two sides of the head together.  Then it was adding his little ears.  That was easy peasy, just a mixture of dc/htr/tr/dtr into a single stitch.


Next I added the wings and continued my tradition of not keeping anything symmetrical.  I popped the flower on the side and attempted to attach the buttons to the eyes.  this is where I hit a small problem:

Oops, too small

The needle supplied with the kit was far too big for the holes in the buttons, or the holes were too small for the size of the needle, depending on the way you look at things…..

Thankfully I found a sharp needle in my stash that did the job splendidly.  Unfortunately, when it came to attaching the eyes to the head I clearly wasn’t paying attention (again) as it wasn’t until I had finished sewing BOTH eyes onto the body that I realised I had put them on his back instead of his front.  What. An. Idiot.  Cue me unpicking (for what felt like the 74th time this project) and redoing.

Finally, the finishing touch was his little beak and he was done.

Ta dah!.jpg

I have to say that I LOVE crochet.  I love the endless creative possibilities that come with it, I love the colours and textures and best of all I love the amazing sense of achievement when each new project is done.  Not to mention the overwhelming sense of pride when giving a gift made with love to someone special.


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