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Owl really enjoy doing this project…. (badoom tsh!)

Yet another hobbycraft purchase!  At £8 it really is a bargain.  (I was lucky enough to get it in the Black Friday deals for £6.40!).  Included in the box is an assortment of coloured yarns, 2 buttons (for the eyes), toy stuffing, a 3mm crochet hook, tapestry needle, a ‘how to crochet’ instruction booklet and full instructions.

The pattern called for stitching in rounds into a magic ring; as usual I had to try a few times, but I am definitely getting better!  After a few rounds I realised that yet again, I was gaining stitches.  I was really starting to get ticked off with this and realised it absolutely must be something I’m doing wrong.  I did a trusty Google search and found ‘Look At What I Made’ which told me where I was going wrong:

“When you get to end of the round, you should have what looks like one stitch left.  This is not a stitch, but rather the back-end of the slip stitch join.  Skip this stitch AND the initial ch-1 and join to the first st (sc [dc for UK]) with a sl st”

I started again following this method and it worked!  My seam was looking amazing!

I carried on stitching in rounds until the pattern requested that I start stitching in rows.  I’ve never gone from rounds to rows, so I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right.  I ended up with this, and from what I can see, it looks right, but I guess we’ll tell when it comes to sewing them together!


The next step was to stitch the ruffles onto the body of the owl, but the instructions looked a wee bit complicated so I decided to leave that until last and move onto the wings, which looked an awful lot easier.  Again, they are stitched in stepped rounds and by following the technique mentioned above, they were looking really good.  After a certain amount of rounds in grey, you’re meant to switch to green.  Now, I’m no ophthalmologist, but I know the difference between dark green and light green.  The colour on the box is in no way similar to what is provided in the yarn pack!  It doesn’t matter, it still looks nice.  I did have some light green yarn in my stash, but it was a different texture and I didn’t want to mix and match.  The wing was pretty easy.  To finish,  rather than dc2tog repeatedly to close the gap, it called for dc into both sides of the top row of the flattened wing.  Here is the finished wingOwl Wing

I’m trying to get this finished before Christmas, wish me luck!


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