A Christmas Wreath

When I first started crocheting, I was introduced to Attic 24 a wonderful blog that is filled with beautifully colourful crochet projects and it inspired me to really keep trying.  On looking through her completed projects I saw some beautiful wreaths and I really wanted to try and have a go at making one too.

I purchased a small polystyrene ring from hobbycraft (again!) and chained 13 (1 for a turning chain).  I was using a 5.5mm hook and this amount of stitches was enough to fold around the wreath and meet comfortably on the back.  I continued to double crochet rows of 12 in Christmassy green and red colours until I had enough to go around the whole wreath.

Christmas Wreath Components

Somewhere along the way, in true Katie style, I dropped a stitch and ended up with what was starting to look like an arrow!  I thought I would try stitching a row down the side to even it up a bit, so ended up with this:

Christmas Wreath Strip

It worked quite well and seeing as the edges were going to be unseen on the back of the wreath it didn’t matter that it looked a bit of a mess!

I was a bit concerned that stitching in a straight line would make it awkward to attach around the wreath, but it turns out that if you pin it correctly, it works out just fine.

Wreath Pinning

Once I’d pinned it in place (ensuring that the ends aligned nicely on the front), I stitched it together at the back  using a quick and easy running stitch with a piece of red yarn.  I wasn’t too concerned about the back of the wreath looking a bit of a mess, as I’ve mentioned, it doesn’t get seen, so I didn’t worry myself about it.

Once it was all sewn up, the finished piece looked like this:


I thought it looked a bit boring and wanted to add something to it.  I tried putting some baubles on it – it looked awful.  I tried sewing some beads on it – it looked awful.  I tried to crochet a star, but it looked dreadful.  In the end I thought I would try my luck at crocheting some holly.  I did a quick Google search and found this simple pattern: From Home Crochet it was really quite simple to do and I ended up with this bad boy:


The last thing to do was to attach it to the wreath, which was easy peasy.  Here is the finished piece:


Needless to say I am pleased as punch with it!  Think I will follow in the footsteps of Attic 24 and make one for each season!


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